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i know it's supposed to be: it's never too late to apologize, so don't try to be a smarty-ass by correcting me.

bitch all you like here. it's your blog, your space.
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abril 2009
mayo 2009
agosto 2009
okay okay, i've given you guys your achives!!!

domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

♥Wiii y paso domingo de resurreccion yay ! el conejito ojala qe les haya traido muchos chocolates como a mi =) y qe lo hayan pasado con su faamilia como yo :B quiero hablar con mi pinky gosh ! y mi polla gosh ! hablo con annie anahi niña qe daba miedo jajaja ojala qe lea esto bueno me voy besoss xoxo
sábado, 11 de abril de 2009
Niley !

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT ! OMG yay pinky es un sueño hermoso sueño mi dia no podria haber sido mejor yay niley sii por qe ellos no pueden estar separadossss ! si se aman se aman !!!!!
Niley forever and always ♥

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viernes, 10 de abril de 2009

Finally Now my destiny can begin Though it will have a different set Something strange and new is happening Finally Now my life doesn´t seem so bad Its the best that I´ve ever had Give my love to him Finally

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lunes, 6 de abril de 2009
Lo que soy !

Lo que soy, es real Soy exactamente la que debo ser hoy Deja que la luz, brille en mi Ahora si, se quien soy No hay manera de ocultar Lo que siempre he querido ser Lo que soy

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domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Did you forgetThat I was even alive Did you forget Everything we ever had Did you forget Did you forget About me

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sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

Show me which way to go,Can't do this by myself,Can't do this oh oh no Don't know how I should play,The cards that I've been dealt.Can't do this, anybody.

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Let's get Crazy

You see me on the cover of a magazine,Remember,Things are always different then the way that it seems,Heres an invitation, to every nation.Meet me on the dance floor and we'll make the scene
Let Me Grow!

Why worry if you have to climb or weight I got a surgery let me live as I am! let me grow
viernes, 3 de abril de 2009
w e l c o m e

I Don't have words to describe how I love Lindsay Lohan she is my idol and always will do follow the diet to make love to say what they want it always will be my everything ...